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Reopen Your Fitness Room with These Simple Guidelines

  1. Place hand sanitizer near each entrance to room. Post social distancing rules at each entrance to room with instructions for residents to apply hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the fitness room.
  2. Place cleaning wipes in easy to access locations. Instruct your residents to thoroughly wipe down all equipment before and after use.
  3. Encourage residents to bring their own towels in order to minimize contact with equipment which will help to minimize the spread of germs.
  4. Have residents limit their exercise time to 1-hour unless the room is vacant.
  5. If management finds the room too crowded at certain times, consider odd/even apartment number workout days or reserving a 1-hour block with a sign-up sheet.

Get back to the fitness room.

Bringing Community Fitness Rooms to Life

Your fitness room is one of your most valuable amenities.

Bring your fitness room to LIFE with a property profile from Healthy Dweller.

Property Profiles

Your property profile will have a detailed video database of your entire fitness room. The videos include:

Fitness Room Safety Video

Exercise Equipment Database

Customized Exercise Database

Community Resource Section

Fitness Room Safety Video

Our fitness room safety video is the primary component to limit liability exposure. We do this by demonstrating to the residents how to:

Inspect each piece of equipment

Spot potential safety hazards

Properly report maintenance problems through the correct channels

Exercise Equipment & Database Videos

Exercise Equipment Database: Healthy Dweller records every piece of exercise equipment in your fitness room.
The videos include:

Overview of Equipment

Specific Equipment Safety Videos such as:

Trip, snag, pinch, crush, and guillotine points

Equipment Specific Exercises

Exercise Database: With thousands of  exercises, we can customize to your fitness room database.

Additional Resource: We place local sponsors like nutritionist, trainers, and other health and wellness professionals in front of your residents.

Visit Our Sample Property Profile

Watch Me First

Bring your fitness room to life with a fitness room profile from Healthy Dweller. Our property profiles will reduce your overall liability exposure and at the same time teach your residents how to safely operate your exercise equipment while maximizing the training effect of your fitness room. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

For more information or to receive a demo, contact us for more information.

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