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Below is a scope of the services that Healthy Dweller offers specifically to Residents Through Healthy FAQ.

  • Healthy FAQ provides residents with a forum to ask any question related to health and lifestyle.
  • Health and Lifestyle services residents can use to help expand their current knowledge of health, exercise and nutrition
  • A staff of health professionals for you to use which include:
    • Doctors– to provide you with need to know medical information that ranges from traditional western medicine to naturopathic medicine.
    • Chiropractors– providing you with the knowledge of spinal, joint and nerve care to keep you healthy and functioning properly
    • Fitness Coaches– assist you with your exercise questions and help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to exercise and the physiology
    • Nutritionists– our nutritionists are not only here to educate you, but here to assist you and provide support for you as you transform your life no matter what your goals may be.