Sienna Condos Fitness Profile

Safety Video

Below you will find the safety video for the fitness equipment located in the Sienna Condos Fitness Room. This video provides the instructions for how to properly and safely use the equipment.

Sienna Condos Exercise Equipment

Click equipment name for a list of available exercises and quick instructional videos or selecting a body group. You can also search our strength training exercises from the search form below.

Sample Exercise Programs

Click the links below to see our sample exercise programs.

Additional Fitness and Nutrition Resources

Below you will find additional resources to help encourage, facilitate, and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Check out our local sponsors below for additional health and wellness opportunities.

Mind Body Arizona
Pain? Anxiety? WE CAN HELP!

Scottsdale Burn Club
Feel The Burn

Pure Life Chiropractic
We specialize in finding pressure on the nerves and removing it

AZ ChiroCare
Straight Forward Chiropractic Health Care

Willow Wellness Center
Restore. Rejuvenate. Revitalize.

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